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Benefits of a Single Database Solution: Improved Enterprise Quality Management from IQMS
IQMS appears to be raising the competitive bar for quality management among its ERP competition with a single database software solution and seamless ERP

antiguessing security  A crucial step is anticipating what might go wrong with a product. While anticipating every failure mode is not possible, the development team should formulate as extensive a list as possible of potential failure modes. Other pertinent documents include control plans, operator instructions, APQP checklists, and action plans. There are also user-definable steps to allow companies to customize the program based on their needs and requirements. User-definable drop-down menus for quick adding, sorting, and Read More

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Documents related to » antiguessing security

Navigating Between Service Management Scylla & Charybdis - Part 2
Part 1 of this series analyzed the phenomenon of the rise of the service economy: the increasing importance of the service sector in industrialized economies

antiguessing security  service should be proactive, anticipating the needs of customers. The use of  condition monitoring  equipment placed in manufacturing sites is an example. By taking constant readings on heat, vibration, noise, and other critical  process variables , companies can understand if there is a problem before equipment fails. For more information on the topic, see TEC’s previous article entitled  “Reliability Driven Maintenance--Closing the CMMS Value Gap ?” Service fulfillment . Good service is Read More
Automotive Industry and Food, Safety, and Drug Regulations
Enterprise application providers wanting to address the distinct regulatory requirements of the automotive, food, safety, and life sciences industries need to

antiguessing security  A crucial step is anticipating what might go wrong with a product. While anticipating every failure mode is not possible, the development team should formulate as extensive a list of potential failure modes as possible. For example, one should be able to access and maintain Gage repeatability and reproducibility (Gage R&R) studies to identify and reduce measurement variation, capability studies, set up instructions, or computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) files and forms. Read More
How One Distributor Played Wal-Mart's Distribution Game-And Won
As a supplier to Wal-Mart, appliance manufacturer Haier America was required to implement a radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging system. To satisfy

antiguessing security  of the curve in anticipating future demands for RFID tags. The project was relatively inexpensive to design and only required several months to implement, according to VAI Project Director Mike Morano. The solution encompassed creating a program that adds identification markers in Haier's 'ship-to' files. These markers define for distribution when an order requires an RFID tag and automatically prints the appropriate label. The RFID tag replaces the regular shipping label used on all other Haier Read More
Whose ROI is it Anyway? Part One: Introduction
With growing frequency, we hear business and IT managers asking a technology vendor to

antiguessing security  reducing order fulfillment time anticipating and incorporating competitor activity into product design, or collaborating with suppliers to dramatically reduce costs in the value chain—not just shift costs from one company to another With the business goal and initiative as context, it's then possible to find process improvements and information technology can help deliver results. Successful businesses care about getting attractive return on the overall initiative investment—not just the expenditures Read More
SECNAP Network Security Corp

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New Facts on Web Security and Online transactions
Get the new facts on Web security and what you can do keep your business thriving in Choosing the Right Security Solution: Moving beyond SSL to Est...

antiguessing security  facts security online transactions,facts,security,online,transactions,security online transactions,facts online transactions,facts security transactions,facts security online. Read More
Security Information Market Heading for Growth
The growth of security vulnerabilities is creating a new market for security information. With link sharing and cooperation among sites, it is not clear that

antiguessing security  home alarm system,home alarms,alarm company,alarm equipment,house alarm,alarm monitor,security alarms,security alarm systems,security alarm services,house security alarm,security alarm,alarm system companies,monitored alarm systems,alarm systems,alarm system company Read More
Application Security, Inc.
Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc) is the leading provider of application security solutions for the enterprise. AppSecInc's products – the industry's

antiguessing security  column-level encryption, intrusion detection, security audit, vulnerability assessment,database security Read More
Outsourcing Security Part 1: Noting the Benefits
Without effective security, companies risk losing money and customer trust. With good security, companies have the power to maintain stakeholder value, customer

antiguessing security  Outsourcing Security,Outsourcing Security Part 1,network security,information security,it security,effective security management,security services provider,security technology,Managed Security Services Providers,mssp,managed security services,high-availability security operation centers,Security posture,outsourced security monitoring,blended threats Read More
eCLIPse, Encryption Security Solution
eCLIPse Enterprise Security Solution is an encryption software security solution for any business that requires frequent exchange of secure encrypted data

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Integrated Security: A New Network Approach Part Two: The Shift Toward Integration
This part describes the key elements and benefits of an integrated security solution in comparison to current security solutions.

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New Market for Security Insurance
Some insurance companies are now offering policies which protect companies against system, network, and website security losses. What do these policies offer

antiguessing security  insurance security,security vulnerability assessment,contractors insurance,cheap homeowners insurance,commercial business insurance,security monitoring,vulnerability test,construction insurance,truck insurance,house insurance,commercial property insurance,penetration testing,van insurance,cargo insurance,commercial insurance Read More
IT Security

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The Whitelisting of America: Security for IT
Once upon a time around 1995, the well-known American agency, the National Security Agency (NSA), decided that there was no computer operating system that was

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